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Arkham Ritual

Thank you for checking out the Mystery Card promo for Arkham Ritual.

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How to use the promo card

You may wish to use Mystery Card instead of one of the 4 Great Old One cards included in the game. If you choose to play with the Mystery Card, take all 4 Great Old One cards and set them aside separate from the normal deck of cards. See Section 9 and 10 on page 5 of the rulebook on how to create your deck of cards.

Mystery Card is exactly the same as other Great Old One cards. The round ends immediately if a Gate card is discarded, and a player is holding a Mystery Card in their hand. Skip the normal End of a Round and resolve the Mystery Card’s effect instead.

Mystery Card’s effect:

  • Take the 4 Great Old One cards set aside. Shuffle them face down and reveal one of the cards. Resolve the effect of the revealed Great Old One card.