Reviews of The Majority Complete Edition

If you like two player card games, then The Majority 2 is a must own. It will hit your table plenty of times. The game has enough thinky bits for players that enjoy strategy and its 20 minute average play time is short enough that it won’t overstay its welcome.

I was pretty impressed with The Majority 2. It is a light game, but a light game with interesting decisions almost every turn.

It’s easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to clean up. No matter how many times that I play, no two games ever play out the same. This is a truly unique offering and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to play it.

[The Majority is an ] Interesting drafting game where being the second place grants you more points. Special abilities are simple but exciting, which takes cards away from opponents or giving cards to them. You aim at becoming the second place by using these special abilities effectively.

The Majority is fantastic. The design is interesting and innovative and does not duplicate other titles. It’s not the same thing in a new way; it’s mostly a new thing entirely, and I have come to really appreciate innovation and novelty in gaming. While the strict player counts are unfortunate, it probably would not work, or be as good, without them. If you like partnership games, the Majority is one you’ll need to play.

I very much enjoyed The Majority: Complete Edition. It’s always nice when you can bring one game that you know just about everyone will enjoy. While this is not an overly difficult game to learn, it can be a genuine challenge to win. There is never too much to think about, but each turn feels very important due to the game’s short game play length. Creates for some interesting moments with an abundant number of cheers or jeers around the table. Do play The Majority: Complete Edition when time allows. It’s got my vote.

It’s really intriguing! Some people don’t like the whole 2nd place wins because it’s not intuitive. But I liked it! I really did! I was sitting there “aww ok I got to play this card,” and when you’re drafting cards you’re not only thinking about cards you get but what cards you give. When you play with partnership, right before you play a round you trade a card with your partner. And then you are like “Ok what are they going to do? Come on play this card this round, please don’t mess up here!” Very interesting I liked it much.