Reviews of Wolf & Hound

I found myself really enjoying Wolf and Hound. It is a simple game and there isn’t a lot to it mechanic wise. But there is a simple beauty to it, and reminds me of playing family games as a kid. The joy on the little “angels” faces made me realize how much board games meant to me as a kid and why I still enjoy them to this day. I think that is what this game does – takes you back to your childhood and allows you to feel like a kid again.

Wolf & Hound is a gorgeous 2-4 partnership strategy card game developed and produced by independents to a standard high enough to match the quality I expect when purchasing a Mayfair or Rio Grande title. It makes for a great family fun, but also easily makes the cut as something I’d bring to the table during a board game evening with friends.

I think Wolf and Hound is a great game, even better as an intro game / family game. I think it’s simple to pick up (though the rulebook is a bit clunky at times) and easy to expand on, allowing you to scale the complexity as, say, your coplayers age up a bit.

The result is a game that works really well for non-gamer or casual couples. You have your couple-friends over for dinner and decide to play a quick five or ten minutes before they have to pack the kids up and go home. Wolf & Hound excels in that scenario.

This is a directly interactive board game of losing and gaining sheep. While it has built variation for 2 or 3 players, they are generally making four player games and having player(s) take the roll of the empty spaces. I find replay value in Wolf and Hound because of how simple it is, and the amount of changes you can make adding animal or sheep cards. I absolutely love the cardboard standups and the cardboard fences built around the sheep. It definitely adds a nice flavor to an already light-hearted game.

Game offers tremendous versatility. There’s plenty of cards, that can be used to adjust the experience, and thanks to them, there are great opportunities to change and modify the game. Overall, you can be sure, that this box will definitely hold your interest for a long time due to different experience across matches.